Legis. Decr. of. 30.06.2003 n. 196 guarantees that the processing of personal details is undertaken in respect of your rights, fundamental freedom, and dignity of persons, with special reference to the confidentiality of personal identity.

Pursuant to art. 13 of Legis. Decr. 196/2003 the company called Gamma srl is held to provide the subkject in question with specific information about the use and manner of the personal detail it processes.

Source of the personal details Any personal details acquired directly or by any other means while performing corporate activity are processed in respect of Legis. Decr. 196/2003 and the customary practices of confidentiality.

Purpose of the processing The data is processed within the context of normal business activities, specifically for:
1. preliminary requirements in the stipulation of contracts;
2. in complying with the performance and obligations of stipulated contracts;
3. in carrying out the obligations and compliance requirements of administrative, fiscal and accounting nature set forth by the law in effect;
4. in limited fashion as concerns the data regarding the undertaking of economic activities, aimed at commercial information or forwarding of promotional material as well as in carrying out market research and interactive commercial communication purposes; for the offer of goods and services through mailing lists; marketing and publicity; market analysis and research; promotional activities; service level satisfaction;
5. to manage technical support services with regard to marketed products;
6. to monitor the performance of client and supplier relationships and connected risks;
7. to manage external suppliers;
8. for any requirement related to operations and management.

The providing of data is not obligatory, save for cases in which it is required by law, but refusal to provide the data may hamper the business relationship or the performance of any contracts.

Manner of processing may be done manually, automatically, or by electronic means geared to manage, store and transmit said data, all guaranteeing the security and confidentiality required.

Categories of subjects to which the data may be transmitted
The data may be shared with:
- subjects entitled by law to share said data
- credit institutions that manage cash and payments, financial institutions and auditing firms
- external personas that perform function related to the performance of the contract (haulers, couriers, etc)
- data processing and IT service companies
- external suppliers
- marketing research companies
the data may be sent abroad, even to countries outside the Union.

Rights pursuant to art.7 of Legis. Decr. 196/2003 You have the right to be informed, cancel, rectify, update and amend as well as oppose the processing of said data and all other connected rights pursuant to art. 7 of Legis. Decr. 196/2003 the full text of which, with reference to the rights of the subject in question, is available at the following website:



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